5 Basic Tips to Improve Website Visibility

Having a website is critical to the success of modern companies. However, simply having a website isn?t enough these days. It?s crucial that you find ways to drive traffic to your site, and that means improving website visibility.
Here are some ways that you can accomplish this task.

1. Install Google Analytics

This is a powerful tool that any entrepreneur can use to maximize website visibility. Even better, it?s free, so if your company is cash strapped, you can still afford it. In fact, considering the data that Google Analytics makes available to you, you cannot afford not to use it. Google provides users with a trove of free resources that help you break down and understand which parts of your website users are responding to and which pages could use some work. Take the test to get Analytics certified if you really want to make the most of this valuable resource. The better you understand the performance of your website, the more you can improve it.

2. Make Your Website Responsive

Customers may occasionally sit down with a desktop computer to browse for goods and services, but they are just as likely these days to use a tablet or cell phone, especially when they are on the go. Accordingly, your website must be responsive. This means that the visitor?s experience is maximized regardless of what kind of device they are using. This is essential because if someone gets frustrated while trying to browse your site on their phone, they are likely to leave it and go to your competition. Google will also penalize your website with lower keyword rankings if your website is not mobile-friendly.

3. Make the Most of High-Profile Business Listings

Millions of people use search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo every day to find the products and services that they need. Anyone who has conducted such a search has discovered that at the top of the results is a map with contact information for a select few businesses. These are the businesses that have taken a few moments to register their business profiles with the search engine. This qualifies them to have their business appear in the local search results when a consumer performs a related search. Registering with these search engines is quick, easy and free. If you really want better website visibility, then this is a must.

4. Get Listed on Local Directories

Consumers are relying more than ever on the opinions of other customers before purchasing a product or service. Accordingly, websites like Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com, and CitySearch.com provide excellent means for getting your website seen. It is frequently listings at these websites and others like them that figure prominently in Google search results. Potential customers find information like how to contact your business, operating hours and a link to your own website on these pages. What?s more, many of them provide consumers with an opportunity to voice their opinion about the experience they had with your company. These reviews may be what influence other people to call your business or to look at your competition. Accordingly, it is wise to set up your business? profile with these websites and to regularly monitor the reviews. These are also useful for getting better rankings because they validate your identity and Google will trust you more if who you say you are is consistent across the Internet.

5. Install an SLL Certificate

You want your business website to figure at or near the top of any search results. Google executives have said that websites that have an SLL certificate are placed higher in the search results, so taking this step is a must. Plus, having an SLL Certificate gives your customers greater peace of mind and makes it less likely that hackers will bother with your website.