What I Specialize In

Visibility Analysis

If you are looking to get your real estate brand more visible online then let me coach you through the process. It starts with the initial review which includes the steps below.

Website Walkthrough

How do you make changes on your site? I will walk through your site, recommend software and make sure you understand how to optimize each page on your site.

Visibility Review

How visible are you now? I’ll take a look at your website, high level business profiles and social media profiles. From there the foundations of the your custom strategy will start developing.

Goal Tracking

Our goal is to to be able to track the success of each strategy. Whether click through rates on ads or engagement time on the website, we need to ensure we can measure the effectiveness of everything you do.

Monthly Real Estate Marketing Coaching

1. Data Analyzing

Together we will review your main data sources and determine the effectiveness of campaigns and strategies.

2. Competitor Analysis

Your goal is to be #1 in your area but someone is already there. We will take a look at what your competitors are doing and measure your visibility against them.

3. Strategy & Planning

We discuss what your needs are and construct a plan of attack. Then we develop a strategy for each plan to maximize efficiency.

Why Lucas Ferrer?

I am an Entrepreneurand an SEO Expert.. I have spent the past decade helping local and national businesses grow their online presence which has honed my technical and training skills.

What separates me from other coaches is that I have had my Florida real estate license since 2007 and still actively show property in Central Florida to help my wife who is a real estate broker.

It’s okay not to understand everything there is to know about SEO and digital marketing when you first encounter it. With the proper coaching you will become an expert real estate marketer in no time at all. Take your time learning the ins and out with a seasoned real estate marketing expert and in no time, you will be well on your way to be an marketing expert yourself.


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